Percentage of Women Who Skin Bleach

77% in Nigeria
40% in China, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea
25% in Mali


Raven Roberts

As the Founder of Own Your I Am, Raven wanted to create an organization to empower women to own who they say they are and not what the world says about them. For women of all skin tones to feel beautiful, worthy and seen!

Black people vary. Take, for example, the group chat that I’m in. Ten Black men spanning the spectrum in skin tone, features, and ethnicity, with ancestral ties across the Diaspora from the deep South in the U.S., to the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic to......

When did you first realize colorism existed? What are your experiences with colorism? What happened?  I was around 6 or 7 years old and I was spending the day at my best friend’s house at the time and her dad pointed out the lack of......

What are your experiences with colorism? What happened? Unfortunately, as a dark skin woman, I have too many experiences with colorism. My complexion has always been a topic of discussion. Going to school and people telling me I’m dark skin and some people asking why......

Upcoming Events

The Paper Bag Test



Panel Discussions

A panel of experts and industry professionals to discuss the state of colorism in different industries and proposed solutions. Questions asked by live audience and via social media.

School Outreach

School talks and workshops to teach young women and girls self confidence that comes from within. Teaching them to speak highly of themselves and speaking life into others.

Roundtable Discussions

Smaller more intimate industry driven conversations asking the hard tough questions with people who can make a difference. These will be video recorded.

Community Awareness

Spreading awareness of skin bleaching and its physical and emotional side effects. Helping women and men with extreme bleaching cases to get the psychological and healthcare help.